Monday, June 17, 2013

Before & After | My House

You know those great blogs that have those epic room makeovers? Well, you are in for a treat, folks. Check out these before and afters, and don't be too jealous of the glamour and glitz I'm currently living in. One more week...just one more week until we move this mess west.

P.S. I think everyone else in the house secretly loves it, because a)they would both prefer putting their shoes in a pile NEXT to the shoe basket instead of in it (someone was in SUCH a hurry to pack that basket), and b)who wants to lie on the couch or chair when there's a pile of perfectly good cardboard on the floor? One week...


  1. Wow!! What a extreme home maker you have going on over there girl lol!! It will be so worth it when your moved and settled! Plus you get to start from scratch to redecorate!!


  2. Lol oh my, that would drive me nuts too but it's not for long and you will be able to redecorate all over. It will be so worth it. One more week girl :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash


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