Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[color kreyv]: Charcoal Gray

I'm not going to lie. Between the cardboard boxes, lack of decor, piles of clothes on the floor, and the three things we have left in our fridge, I'm feeling a little bit white trash. I figure I should just get into character and quit altogether with the hair washing and make-up. (Who am I fooling, it's not like I was a frequent hair washer before...) On a brighter note, I did clean the oven today, and I was glad to check that off my list. Let's just say it wasn't pretty, and I may or may not have avoided that task altogether. For three years. Don't judge.

Now that you have several unflattering images in your head, let's talk about charcoal gray and the fact that it's my new favorite color. Wanna know why, cause you know I'm going to tell you. It has presence, and it makes a statement, but it's not as harsh as black. It pops against white, but it also looks awesome mixed with wood tones, and really, any color. It's masculine (not that I care about that), but it's still super glam and looks super posh with golds and other metals. And, really, I just love it. I think it definitely needs to make an appearance at the next place...somewhere other than my oven, because that was pretty much the opposite of posh. And P.S., we're still not judging.
image source unknown
image from Thom Felicia via House Beautiful
image from Decor Pad


  1. I love it too!!! Your first photo is one I go back and forth with and constantly think about painting our ceiling a charcoal grey! Eek.. I just keep thinking it's will be a lot of work, and what if I hate it :/ But everytime I see a photo I think to myself, that's it, I'm gonna do it :) ohhh a constant debate! ~Bre

  2. So, my dream in high school was to buy a really cool car, and paint it charcoal gray. It had nothing to do with the fact that a really cute girl at my school drove a charcoal gray Volkswagen. OK, maybe a little. (Don't judge.)

    If I ever get a home office again, I can see charcoal gray playing a big role.

  3. That first photo is gorgeous... If only I had an entry way like that!! I have big plans to paint our dining room a deep charcoal, so far it's only been a dream, but maybe one day...oh and it's been 2 years since ice cleaned our oven, I actually attempted yesterday and ran out of spray, then I got lazy and it's still sitting there, I have plans to go out tonight and buy more oven cleaner and THEN I will do it, lol.....don't judge :p

  4. I am (like everyone these days) am totally loving grey! That first photo is stunning! I could move right in! Thanks for linking up to the "Loves on a Thursday" Party!
    -Sarah from


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