Thursday, June 20, 2013

Desks as Nightstands

The best part about moving is getting a new space to decorate. If there was an even better part, it would be going out and buying a bunch of new stuff. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen.  My brain is swirling with ideas of where I might put some of my existing furniture pieces. This is a little bit tricky since I haven't seen our new home in person. I am most likely way off on the spacing and size of every room, since I'm totally guessing. 

I have LOVED my Parson's Mini Desk. It fit perfectly in my little nook in our this house. Chances are, we're not going to have that same little nook in the new place. I definitely still love the piece, and I want to incorporate it, so I think I am going to put it next to our bed. I won't use it as a desk again, but rather as a nightstand. Hopefully, it will be perfect. My back up plan is to use it in Stella's room in between two twin beds, which would for sure be super cute. Of course I would have to buy another headboard, bed, and bedding, so let's hope that plan A works! Or, maybe I don't want it to work. Hmmm...and the swirling of the brain continues...
image from Melanie Turner Interiors via 2013 Atlanta Designer Showhouse
image from Lonny
image from Alice Lane Blog

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