Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[in five]: Things Mr. Hubs Will Never Understand

I have the best husband. Like really, the BEST husband. Just the fact that he puts up with my decorating shenanigans--and even helps me with them (i.e. the purchases, returns, selling, and delivering of four couches all in one year) should alone earn him the Husband of the Year Award. On top of that, he helps me around the house. He is such a hands-on daddy. He even goes to the mall with me. He tells me thank you for things like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, being a good mommy, and making dinner (when and if that happens). Plus, he fills up my car with gas and has done so for 12 years. He's pretty much the best thing ever. He gets me, except on a few things...

1| When I try to play the Guess How Much This Cost Me game, you're not supposed to guess so low. Every now and again I do find a bargain. I like to make a big deal out of it. Humor me.

2| There is no such thing as too many pillows, too many baskets, or too many shoes. It's kind of the same way you think about guns, golf clubs, and tools, even though you're wrong.  Let's just agree to disagree.

3| I know that you know a lot of big words, and that you need to talk fancy at work. But really, do you need to tell our three year old not to swallow toothpaste, because swallowing fluoride can be nephrotoxic? Nerd. 

4| I will never be done decorating the house. Ever.

5| Let's just get one thing straight: no matter how much I complain, I am not going to quit my job, confront someone who's bothering me, or tell someone how I really feel. I just want to complain to you.

And on that note, here is THE funniest video I've seen in a long time...enjoy!


  1. Husbands just don't understand a woman's venting process! Mine always offers up solutions and problem solves, when really I just want to gripe a bit. No solutions necessary 99% of the time!

  2. I’m right there with you on *almost* all of these points (You know I’d love to stay home with my kids). What’s with the need to use ridiculously large words to a kid? (Did I ever tell the story about the Husband reading the Federalist Papers to T in the NICU? True story.) And that video? Hilarious.

  3. OMGeee! I think our husbands are some sort of spiritual brothers. Points 1, 3, and 5 are right on target. Three bothers me the most because he uses those words with me. Annoying! I want to tell him to talk like a normal person. :)

  4. Haha, that video is pretty hilarious (and spot-on) ! I'd like to add, you can never have enough bags ;-)

  5. #5! Yes yes yes yes yes!!

    I don't think my husband will ever get that one either - no matter how many times I try to explain it to him.

  6. This is hilarious! My husband is similar, except with No. 3. :) Stopping by from Sharefest.

  7. Visting from SITS! What a funny list! Love #5 - when will they get that we just want empathy not advice?! Hehehe

  8. I love number 5.

    Visiting from SITS.


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