Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[color kreyv]: Pale Pink

Aren't these rooms just amazing? I'm not one to gravitate toward pink in general, but this pale pink...well, it's just amazing. Know what else is pink and amazing? My long, fuzzy, pale pink robe--but in a non-glamorous, non-flattering, completely opposite way. Mr. Hubs surprised me with it one year for Christmas, and I kind of love it. In fact, if I didn't have anywhere to go, I would seriously stay in that thing all day long, but things like having to run errands, attend social functions, and just being a functioning human being in general force me to ditch the robe for real clothes. There is that occasion, though, that after our daily galavants, I will come home, take off my clothes, and put the robe back on. That way, Jeremy not only gets to see me in the robe when he leaves for work, but also when he gets home.  I know what you're thinking, and you're right, he probably has buyer's remorse he's a lucky, lucky man. 
image from Kristin Vining Photography
image from Tobi Fairley

image from The Cottage Market


  1. So pretty. We have two peony bushes…a dark pink and a white/pale pink. The pale pink peony is definitely my favorite. Thanks for the pretty eye candy!

  2. In a house with three boys, I am always drawn to pink!!! A little extra estrogen isn't going to hurt anyone!! Lol!


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