Thursday, June 6, 2013

This is Where I Wanna Be | Fabulous Beds

So you know how I was super stressed out last week, then decided to just STOP? Well...I did. I'm really not stressed...but I'm freaking tired! My body is still on last week's can't fall asleep, then wake up too early schedule.(Don't you hate that when you lie down at night, and your brain goes a million miles an hour--unless you're a man, and you fall asleep in roughly .2 seconds?) Anywho, I'm tired, and I'm wishing I could just lay in bed and watch Friends reruns all day long. I think I'd look just darling in one of these (in my pink robe, of course). Which one is your fave?
image from Lichten Craig Architects
image from Atlanta Homes Mag
image source unknown


  1. The second one! I just love the aspect of shutting out the world a little bit with the bed curtains. Visiting from SITS!

  2. The first! I love clean lines :) Ohhh, I could just crawl in, like now. Right.Now.


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