Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[color kreyv]: Green

I'm such a neutral girl, and it's even more evident in our new place. (I'll try to post some pics next week.) Even though it's not even close to being decorated, it's completely neutral with lots of grays, whites, blacks, and wood tones. My "pop" of color is navy and a little bit of green...I know. I'm crazy. Here's the thing: I'm just naturally drawn to those colors. It's like the whole red lipstick theory: I love it on other people, but I don't think it loves me. In other words, I still choose color for other people's homes (if they want it), but not for my own. I often have clients and friends tell me that they "need" to use a different color than they've used in other rooms. I say go with the colors that you love--even if you've already used them. Otherwise, you're just not going to love your space, and you may just end up having your husband paint it tan like a day after you painted it yellow. P.S. I kind of think green is just as neutral as the rest of the "neutrals" I listed. Maybe it's just an edgier neutral. Or, maybe I'm just making things up. Either way, it's definitely making a statement in these rooms.
image from Vintage Luxe
image source unknown
image from Apartment 34

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