Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sitting Room | Laura

I completed this design board a couple of months ago for Laura's sitting room. The room already had a sofa with the damask pattern referenced on the design board. I chose the (yummy) blue velvet curtains for the room to dress FOUR windows--I know...maj! Speaking of maj, the room also has a baby grand. I know. I'm jealous, too. I wanted to bring in more pattern and color but not compete with the sofa.  The sofa was placed in between two windows, so I chose the vertical mirror to go above the sofa--a way to bring in more light and reflection without being too busy when next to the sofa and curtains. The rug worked perfectly with the sofa, pulling out the charcoal in the damask, and we added the two chairs to make an "L" shaped sitting area which faces the star of the room, the piano. For more information on my design services, email me at jamiejjoyal@gmail.com or click here for my design services overview.


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