Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Here & There | Vignettes

Remember the post, How to Create a Vignette? Well, I've (finally)been styling this place, and I wanted to show that I, unintentionally, followed the tall, medium, short trick. Every. Time. 

People always tell me that they get stuck when they try to style their homes. It's easier than you think, just be confident...but not confident enough that you'll put me out of work. (Wink, wink!) Styling your home is going to take it to the next level. These final touches give personality, warmth, and interest. If you're stuck in your styling, give the tall, medium, short trick a try. It's super easy, and you can probably even shop your house for the items. Almost anything will work. I mean, really, I've used rolling pins, pencils, and rocks here, people.  Don't even get me started on my stick collection.


  1. I'm glad you did this because I was going to ask you for pictures of your vignettes. I liked them but didn't want to be all stalker-ish.

  2. Gorgeous vignettes! After six years, I should probably get some vignettes in place. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm not good when it comes to styling with vignettes...I always feel like it looks as if I just threw a bunch of random stuff together, LOL! I have a vignette Pinterest board that I love to look at for inspiration, though.

    1. Thanks, Kari! That's pretty much all I do...throw a bunch of random stuff together! What is your blog address?

  4. I feel like I've just learned one of the great secrets of the universe! I will definitely be putting the tall, medium, short trick to good use! Your blog is like visual crack!


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