Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Curtains: Can't Live With Em...

Was that a great Labor Day weekend, or what? We had so much quality family time. Honestly, now that residency is done, it's like I have my husband back. I kind of like him, so having him around is pretty awesome. 

Speaking of awesome husbands, mine may have won the Husband of the Year Award. Again. He drove all the way down to Ikea to pick up a curtain rod, then back up the opposite direction to West Elm to get the curtains I had a 20 percent off coupon for. Wait, I'm not done...he then hung up the rod and the curtains. Still not done...none of us (of course, I also got Stella's vote) liked the way the curtains looked in the living room...so...down they went, and up went spackle and paint. So, even though window treatments are a no go in my living room, these ones are to die for. By the way, do you think Mr. Hubs is as happy as I am that residency is over? Just wondering.
image from Elle Decor
image from Sisters Agency
image from Vogue


  1. Your husband is far more patient than mine! I think he would tell me to let it be and leave the curtains up. I do love your inspiration pics too. I think it irritates my MIL, but I love to let curtains puddle on the floor instead of having them measured out to the perfect length.

  2. J.E.A.L.O.U.S #4moreyearsofresidency..... of course, lets be honest- he'll never have an anesthesia schedule even after residency...shouldacouldawoulda!hope all is well ;)


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