Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[color kreyv]: Salmon

Yes, it's CLEARLY salmon; not pink, not peach, salmon. Remember the episode of Friends, aka THE best show of all time, where Ross leaves his shirt at Mona's house? Everyone keeps calling the shirt pink, and Ross corrects them each time by telling them it's actually salmon. That crazy Ross, he knew what he was talking about. Anywho, love the show, love the color.  P.S. I welcome anyone who ever dares challenge me at a game of Friends Scene It.  Just putting that out there.
image from Therese Sennerholt
image from Animal Print Shop
image from Homelife via Apartment Therapy


  1. Salmon's something I'd rather eat than live with, but these are definitely some pretty pictures to look at!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Ross knew what he was talking about! This color rocks! I especially love it as an accent in the nursery dressers. SO pretty! --Lisa


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