Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love Hate Relationship | Chalkboard Paint

One DIY area I haven't ventured into is chalkboard paint. I love the way chalk looks, but I hate the way it feels. I love the writing all over the wall, but I never like the way my own writing looks. I love the the look of having chalkboards in a kids' space, but I would HATE the mess. You see my predicament, here? It's the red lipstick thing all over again: I love it on other people, but I just can't do it myself. What are your thoughts on chalkboard paint, love it or leave it?
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Scout for the Home via Decor Pad
image from House of Fifty


  1. I feel the same as you do, but in the end I like it!

  2. Oh Jamie, how could you possibly not like your writing, it's the best handwriting I have EVER seen! If I were you I would totally make a chalkboard art and frame it, maybe use the chalk

  3. Markers so you get the look but no mess. I know you would make it look adorable! I on the other hand still write like a fifth grade boy!

    1. You are too funny! The markers are definitely better!

  4. I could never use chalkboard paint on an actual wall. But, a couple years ago I did a DIY chalkboard project that I have hanging in my kitchen and I absolutely love it. Everyone who sees it thinks it's such a fun idea. I bought a large, cheap, old, framed painting at a thrift store and painted the frame with a dark metallic gray color. Then, I primed and covered the painting in chalkboard paint. It's big enough to make a statement but not anything that is permanent. My teens love writing and drawing all over it. I like writing little reminders for them on the board about whose night it is to wash dishes or walk the dog, LOL!

  5. I love it! especially the last two pictures where the whole walls are painted! It's so cool that you can change the desig of the room by just drawing or writing somethign new !

  6. I could have written this myself...even down to the red lipstick. Chalk markers are useful, but don't help the handwriting issue. I certainly would love a kitchen board like in that first picture, though!

  7. I've thought about doing chalkboard pain in our hallway, because the little one scribbles on the wall anyway. I'm just not sure about the big black wall, so I haven't done it yet.

  8. I like the idea of chalkboard paint in theory, but not in practice. I know it would drive me crazy if what was written got messed up and was left that way. (I can't stand seeing a chalkboard that's been written on, erased/smudged, written on again, etc. I know that's the point of chalkboard paint, but it just seems like a lot of mess and more trouble than it's worth.

    Now if you are actually making a chalkboard for your kids to play with, that's a different story. But if it's for an entire wall in a room, I would hate that.


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