Monday, October 28, 2013

[color kreyv]: White & Cream

One time I wore a white skirt with a creamish tannish shirt to work. A girl said, "Well, that's brave." Ummm, if by brave you mean totally rockin' it, well then yes, I guess white and cream are a "brave" combo. The trick with working with these colors is using the right tones of whites and creams. You want to make sure your white is white enough and cream is cream enough, so that the cream doesn't make your white look dingy and vice versa. Make sense? Personally, I love the combo, but, apparently, I'm a brave person.

P.S. That's totally not what she meant when she said brave.
image from Le Souk
image from Lynne Scalo Design
image from Lori Gentile Interior Design via Houzz


  1. I don't agree with her, I think you were SMART! ;-)

  2. I love whites and creams! :)

  3. LOVE LOVE the cable blanket. Do you know who makes it or if there is a pattern?

    1. I believe it is from Le Souk, but it looks like it's sold out. :(


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