Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[in five]: Wallpaper Love

I would definitely hang wallpaper, would you? I should rephrase that: I would definitely love for someone else to hang wallpaper in my home. I can tell you right now that I wouldn't have the patience to hang it myself. I especially love it in a powder room or entry. Or a nursery. Or a kid's room. Oh, and of course wallpaper on a ceiling is pretty much amazing. Yes, those are the places I would hang wallpaper…but not all of those places, just one or two. I wouldn't want to overdo the wallpaper thing. That would be crazy, and I'm not crazy. Really.
image source unknown
image from Jenny Wolf Interiors
image from Interior Design Toronto via Houzz
image from Serena & Lily
image from Domino Mag


  1. I LOVE the first one, especially - beautiful map. Oh the places that child will go ;)

  2. Love the idea of wallpaper...but hate the installation and removal! That map out of wallpaper is basically genius and gorgeous!

  3. I used the map wallpaper in a clients nursery...it's gorgeous!


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