Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eclectic Gallery Walls | How To

My bloggy friend, Leslie asked for tips on how to create an eclectic gallery wall without making it looking too busy.  An eclectic gallery wall is WAY easier to hang than a gallery that is perfectly aligned and symmetrical, but it can also seem more complicated to design.  There aren't really rules, besides just making it look pretty, but here are a few of my tips:

1 | My first tip when creating an eclectic gallery wall (meaning items/frames of different sizes, colors, and shapes), is to lay a mock plan on the floor. This will give you a general idea of where you will place items.

2 | Start with large items, and work your way out. Hang up the largest items first, and then fill in the blank spaces with smaller items. 
image from Decor Pad
3 | If you are too nervous to go too "freestyle", then use lines. You can arrange frames in a rectangle or square, or even align your frames on top, bottom, or both.
image from Beth Dotolo
image from Desire to Inspire
image from Skona Hem
4 | Use the same color of frames. Using the same color of frames will give a sense of unity and cohesiveness, although different colors of frames works well, too, depending on your preference.
image from West Elm
5 | Use a symmetrical layout. An eclectic gallery can still be symmetrical. The frames, artwork, and colors are the factors that will make it feel eclectic.
image from Pottery Barn
6| Just go for it! If you're not ready to just start hammering, use painter's tape and/or cut-outs to try out different layouts on your wall.  And, if all else fails, it's just a few holes in the wall. That's what spackle is for.  Just ask Mr. Hubs.


  1. I have an awful sense of decor and style. SO I love seeing these for ideas.

  2. Great tips Jamie! I think the issue I've seen in the past is that people will take a giant wall and then fill it with a bunch of small pictures. It just clutters up the space too much for me. But these tips and the great inspiration pics give me some ideas though...... (and btw, command hooks/strips are a fantastic way to test placement without any commitment. They're all over my house because of that!)

  3. I still need to learn this trick. Although the gallery wall in my son's room turned out great to me, I have a lot of other wall space that needs a lot of tweaking! Thanks for the tips Jamie!


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