Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Displaying Christmas Cards

Remember how I said I was a slacker with the Christmas decorations? Yeah, it's still true. I didn't make any progress today, but I did think about decorating. That counts, right? You see, I've got to get a move on, because come December 26th, the decorations just have to go right back into storage. They're fun and all, but then things just start to get cluttered. But anyway...

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is getting cards from my peeps. (Do people even say "peeps" anymore? I'm so not cool--or maybe I am. I don't even know...so probably not.) Of course, I'm not sure where or how I'll display the cards this year, because, well, I don't even have my Christmas tree up, but I'll figure something out. Speaking of holiday cards...if you don't get a card from us this year, don't feel left out, nobody is getting one. I kind of didn't get to them in time, and by kind of, I mean, we went more than an entire year without getting a single picture of our family. There's always next year, right?! In the meantime, I will lovingly display all of the cards that get sent to us, so keep 'em comin'! By the way, how do you display your cards? Check out more ideas from this post.
image from The Wicker House
image from Tilly's Cottage
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  1. I've been struggling with an idea for cards this season - I love the first option!

  2. I love the last idea! I never would have thought of that.

  3. The doorframe display is awesome! We've had a couple different displays over the years, but I think I'm keeping it simple this year and clothes pinning them to some garland.


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