Monday, December 2, 2013

The Advent & 23 Days Till Christmas

Happy December! I am so excited for Christmas, but I've gotta be honest: I've been a complete slacker on the decorations. (I know, it's only December 2, but now the craziness starts.) We finally put the tree up last night, but it still doesn't have ornaments. Speaking of slacking, I always have big plans for an advent calendar that never happens. I love the idea of these ones, but if I don't hurry, I may have to resort to the ones from the store with the, ummm, chocolate. At least I wouldn't eat that chocolate, though, because a) I totally discriminate against sub par chocolate, and b) it's kind of hard to steal your kid's candy from an advent--even I wouldn't do that.  Do you have an advent?
image from Third Floor Design Studio
image source unknown
image from Raumdinge


  1. I want make one, but cannot settle on what to do. But I like the idea with the paper bags!

  2. I always love the idea of DIY advent calendars, but then run out of time or just slack off until long after Advent started. This year we got a pop-up Eric Carle version. It's super cute and no chocolate involved!


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