Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rooms (and Lights) for Two

Hey there! How was your long weekend (if you had one)? Ours was fun and busy; although, yesterday, I had major headaches and nausea. Don't feel bad for me, though, I'm afraid I did it to myself. Hubs and I had this bright idea of staying up into all hours of the night/morning finishing season one of The Following. Have you seen it? It's intense…and Netflix is bad news for intense shows. I mean, why stop at one episode when you have the entire season at your disposal? Who cares about real life? Just keep watching. All fun and games until you have to wake up and be Mommy the next day. You guys, I'm getting too old for these shenanigans and by shenanigans, I mean staying up past 10. But anyway…

You know I just love a room with two twin beds, and these, well, these are just another level of design yumminess. I mean really, two beds AND two lights? I'm in love.
image from Serena & Lily
image from Decor Pad
image source unknown


  1. that first room! i love those hanging lights. just lovely.

  2. Could not agree more on that first room! We watched the Following too so we watched the new episode last night. Creepy but a really interesting show! I can't make it past 10 anymore either ;-)

  3. The lights in that first room are gorgeous! I bet a bunch of those would look fantastic over our dining table.........

  4. Love the look too. My favorite is the black and white room. And "The Following" was addicting and creepy.

  5. is that possible i go in my room and there i will see like that this room . with same Bed Linen, Cover and mattress , sheets, and every thing same like that. I think now i awake up and very thankful to you for sharing this amazing pic so nice bed and Covers.

  6. hope you feel better. those rooms are so cute.


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