Thursday, February 13, 2014

[color kreyv]: Red & Pink

Red and pink, you say? Yes, it can be done. Tastefully. I mean, I probably won't be installing wall to wall pink shag carpet in my house anytime soon, but if it's your thing, own it! In other news, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Have big plans?!
image source unknown
image from Jean-Marc Palisse
image from Babble


  1. I love that pink sofa in the 2nd pic, and more more muted approach to adding pink & red.
    I have big plans if watching "house of cards" counts! ;-)

  2. I like the color combination of pink and red. But, I like it a little more subtle like in your pictures 2 and 3. My husband are going out Saturday night for a long overdue date night!

  3. Oooh I love it! Is this in your house or just pics you took? I am just loving all of the pink!! Valentine's day is my fave! Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog pretty girl!

  4. My daughter would want that first room.

  5. Pink and red were the primary colors in T's nursery, and I loved it. Though it wasn't really in your face or anything. Wish I had better pictures of it, because I actually kind of miss the decor!

  6. Love that dusty purple sofa! My hubby would kill me though! Hope you had an amazing vday!
    Kat |


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