Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Home | Living & Dining Room

Today, I'm showing you my living and dining room (which is all just one room that includes the kitchen as well). When we moved to Utah, it was the first time we saw our home in person. After driving 25 hours across the country then unpacking the moving truck (I probably mostly watched, but it looked exhausting.), I started arranging furniture. And it didn't fit. I moved the furniture around and around for a long time, and this is the (only) arrangement that worked. There were some tears, but luckily, our couch fits into the space it's in, or there would have been a major meltdown. I like the furniture arrangement, but it is tighter than I would have liked between the wall of Stella and the second armchair. The fireplace and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it, but in a house this small, it takes up WAY too much room. The bay window is great, but it is too small and too shallow to accommodate any furniture. Anyway, it works, and I really do love this home.  We've lived in eight houses in twelve and a half years, and I may or may not be getting pickier every time we move. The more houses we live in, the more I learn what I don't want in our next house!


  1. LOVE your style! Thanks for showing us your home! And I love your dinning area! I feel like i am the same way about moving. We've done it so much, that by the next time i know what is in and what is out!
    Kat | www.poshbykat.com

  2. I love the style of your sofa. . . . Can you please tell me where it's from?

    1. Thank you, Beth! The sofa and chairs are from a furniture store in St. Louis called Good Works. We were actually eating sushi next door when I saw the chairs in the window…and then, of course, I had to have them and the couch, too!

  3. It is all so beautiful - just love the magnetic wall with the precious pink tricycle in the hall, and your living room is perfection!!

  4. More beautiful rooms! Please tell me they're not that gorgeous all the time, because I will feel woefully inadequate on the housekeeping front. On another note...I'm in love with that magnetic wall installation. Tutorial please!

  5. Despite your complaints, your home is still beautiful - clean, uncluttered, with the right amount of sentimentality and chic touches! Love it!

  6. 8 houses? Man, I thought that I moved a lot and I've only lived in 8 different houses in my 22 years of life!! :P We are hoping to be moving in a few months though...the prospect of moving again does not highly motivate me to decorate my house...


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