Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Home | Stella's Room

This is Stella's room. Since I changed her room shortly before we moved from St. Louis, I didn't change much when we got to Utah. (Click here to see her St. Louis room.) Her room is pretty long, which leaves a good amount of space in front of the teepee for playing. I didn't hang much in her room, because by the time I decided what I might want, it was almost time to move again! Plus, I've already designed her a new room (in my dreams)!


  1. It still looks pretty perfect even without the striped walls Jamie, but I know what you mean about some change. No matter what direction you go, I bet Stella will be pretty happy about it :-)

  2. I'm so into white walls lately, so totally love them. And the room looks so pretty. My daughter has been wanting a tent but we have no room ;)

  3. Such a cute room!! You have such good style and taste!

    -Bree @ aBree Fashion

  4. I love your style! I live along the Wasatch Front so I might need to contact you for some decorating help. :) I'd also love to know where you bought your pillows for Stella's room and the pillows on your couch. And where you bought the cute baskets and wire baskets in Stella's room.

    1. Thanks, and I'd love to help! Stella's coral pillows are from Target. The polka dot pillows were a diy. (They are painted.)

      The pillows on our couch are from ElemenOPillows:

      The baskets in Stella's room: coral striped basket (Target); large brown basket (Michaels); wire baskets (HomeGoods).

  5. What an adorable room! I love all the white with pops of colour.

  6. That room is beautiful! I love the combination of colors,and all the accessories. We even have that same orange pouf in our family room. You're lucky that Stella doesn't destroy all that white!

  7. Pretty sure Stella has the coolest kid room! Love the green & blue and that headboard!
    Kat |


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