Monday, February 10, 2014

Stella's Valentines

Hey there! How was your weekend? Ours was fun, but I think we officially wore out our little Stella. She was just dying to go to the mall all week, and we finally took her on Friday night. (I have no idea where she gets her love for the mall. Haha…I've created a monster! Her love, though, is for indoor playgrounds and soft pretzels. Mine is a little different, although I have nothing against a good pretzel.) Of course, we got home late. On Saturday, she went to a birthday party that was three and half hours long. Yes. Three and a half hours…which is about two hours too long for me and a bunch of four and five year olds, but I'm not complaining. I got lots done while she was partying!  She was so wiped out after the party, so of course  we drug her to a family dinner…and we got home late AGAIN! By Sunday, she was asking for a nap! Anyway, we did have time to make some valentines, which Stella had no interest in making. She just loves giving them away. This year, she gave "smooches" (lip whistles from Michael's and Hershey's kisses).  She can't wait to give them away!
Stella's 2014 Valentines
Stella's 2013 Valentines
Stella's 2012 Valentines


  1. Ummm you're super mom!! I can't believe how adorable her Vday giveaways always are! My daughters 2, and not in school yet, but damnit I'm going to attempt to be super mom next year when she is in school. LOL
    Have a great week. XO

  2. These are wonderful Jamie! I feel so bad now for having let my son give Madagascar tattoos this year! LOL! Last year was better for him, when mom was 'in the mood' to make something. We'll see if I change gears with these cutie inspirations!

  3. LOVE the lip whistles! We ended up using boring store-bought Valentine's (again)...but I'm pinning your post anyway!


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