Monday, March 17, 2014

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up in String | A Baby Gift

Our dear friends just welcomed their first baby. I love buying baby clothes, because, well, let's be honest, every piece of clothing is like a million times cuter when it's miniature. But, instead, we decided to send some of our favorite things. I wrapped each gift, and made a card that read: Brown paper packages tied up in string; these are a few of our favorite things.
Here are the gifts we chose (well, I actually chose them all, but you get the drift). What is your favorite baby gift to give/get?
Hush Little Baby Print by J is for Jordy via Etsy
Baby Leggings with Ruffles (similar to these) from Me
Board Book from Stella
Board Book from Stella
Baby's First Doctor Kit from Jeremy


  1. Those leggings are so ridiculously cute! That’s such a sweet gift idea. I’m sure your friend will be thrilled!


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