Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[in five]: Favorite Rugs

I love a good rug and think they are necessary for a good room design. They anchor the room, define the space, and add color, pattern, and/or texture. Really…they're a must. Today I'm showing you five of my currents faves. 

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may remember these shenanigans that Hubs so graciously put up with. I may or may not have gone into detail on the amount of rugs that also got returned (...and kept). So, even though he was so nice about it, I swear, he will not forget about it. In his mind, I buy rugs every day and have a closet full of them. He obviously likes a good story.  He was making fun of me for it the other day and decided that since I have so many rugs, I probably need a rug room, with a rug rack, like the kind they have in stores. He was joking, but I think it sounds kind of genius. (That's right, Jeremy, you made fun of me, but who's going to be laughing when I really want a rug room?!) Some people want walk-in closets, I just happen to want a walk-in rug room. Ok, we all know I want both. (And, for the record, three rugs is NOT a "closet full of rugs". Such an exaggerator.) 
West Elm Tile Wool Kilim in Aquamarine
Dash & Albert Samode Coral Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Pottery Barn Gianna Recycled Yarn Kilim Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Crate and Barrel Mallorca Blue Rug
Rugs USA Capel Junction Dark Green Rug by Genevieve Gorder


  1. I wish I could have more too Jamie, I currently have 2 ones I switch around in the living room, but I agree, the hubs, don't like hauling those heavy rugs especially our jute one, seesh, wish they come up with lighter-weight one that still feels lush! Love the choices here, very bold and graphic!

  2. 3 rugs is definitely not too many! We have four in our house! (do you count one that’s only 2.5’ in diameter?) Those rugs are all beautiful...and make me want to go spend hundreds on a new one to replace the stained rug in our living room...

    1. Well...the three rugs I was referring to are just the extra ones in the closet not being used! You never know when you'll need a change, right?!


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