Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Loving Lately | Steel Doors

Know what I'm loving, lately? Steel doors. I'm guessing you probably got that from the title, but I just wanted to be perfectly clear. I guess I am used to constantly repeating myself. Anyway, I love them.  I love steel doors.
image Morten Koldby Photography
image from Cote de Texas
image from The Home Collection via Tumblr


  1. same here Jamie, I love steel windows too

  2. those are so pretty! however, something about floor to ceiling windows/doors always creeps me out! haha perhaps because i like being in my pajamas so much haha!! so lovely though- just not for me :)
    xx Corinne

  3. So, so pretty. If we had an unlimited budget to build a house, I'd incorporate a sunroom with folding doors that look just like all of those in your pictures!

  4. I love them too, they look amazing! I love the one as an entry door!

  5. Ooh! This style would be perfect for my house...must look into and convince the hubby...


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