Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tub Love & Beautiful Bathrooms

I realized that I don't blog about bathrooms much. I guess I haven't really thought too much about my dream bathroom. I should really get on that.  Beautiful bathrooms are definitely wonderful, but I don't know that they would be on the top of my list, since it's not where the majority of my time is spent. Don't get me wrong, sure I love a scalding hot bath and watching Netflix on my iPad just as much as the next guy, but still, I spend way more time in other rooms. (BTW, am I the only one who does this? It's okay if I am. It's totally awesome. You should try it.) Anyway...I obviously have a thing for free-standing or claw foot tubs, subway tile, and wood floors, because I just noticed that all three of these images have these things. Sheesh, apparently I have thought about it.  Seriously, do I think of anything else?!
image source unknown
image from Domino
image from Jessica Helgerson Design

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