Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[color kreyv]: Yellow

Yellow can be tricky. Finding the right shade and pairing it in the right combination is key. I actually really like it in subtle tones or small doses...except for when I was in first grade: I liked it bold, and I liked it ALL OVER! Are you ready for a  stroll down memory lane?  Come with me, won't you? 

Per usual, I asked for a new room for Christmas. My mom (bless her), let me pick out my own wallpaper.  Picture it: white with a yellow floral pattern on top, separated by a bright yellow chair rail, and then the bottom had a coordinating pattern with a subtle, shiny pearl finish. To contrast the wallpaper, as well as coordinate with the green leafs, my carpet was forest green. I had a super pale yellow dresser with an oval mirror, a brass headboard with lots of curls in the design, and white bedding. It. Was. Awesome.  A few years later, I started to add peach, because peach and forest green were the "it" colors, and, of course, I had to have a daybed. A few years after that, I asked for new wallpaper and new furniture. Well, actually I sold all of my furniture and got a queen-sized four poster bed. (Mom, I am SO sorry I talked you into letting me sell that adorable, probably really expensive furniture…but thanks.)  Shortly after that, we moved, so I got another new room.  I lived in that house for a few years, and then I went to college, moved a lot, and got new rooms. And then I got married, moved a lot, and got new rooms. I'm totally seeing a pattern here, and I'm very scared for my husband. 
image from Sara Gilbane Interiors
image from Joel Snayd
image from Mustard Seed Interiors


  1. I did imagine it Jamie and it seemed magical! You are lucky to have a mother who followed your whim! Can't believe you let go of that brass bed?! I for one had a white and old rose room, furniture and bed chose by me all with old rose accents and with cherubim cross-stitch art I made. I can still imagine my room, and like you, I too felt LOVED. Aren't we just lucky?!

  2. I love that story! I still remember the wallpaper in my childhood's amazing how much that stuff has changed, isn't it? I can totally imagine the green and yellow combination you must've had. Love the inspiration pictures, too. The first one is definitely my favorite!


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