Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So, I think I am OCD. There are many reasons that have brought me to this conclusion: I always make sure the trash on my computer is empty; I can't stand when I iPhone or iPad has updates; I'm always lining up the dining room chairs just right (there is only one way); and I make sure the papers on my desk are lined up at a 90 degree angle. The list goes on (and on). When I taught second grade, once upon a time, it would drive me crazy if the desks weren't straight, so I would straighten them. With the kids still in them. So this, among other things, leads me to believe I may have some teeny, tiny issues. The worst, however, is when something goes missing in our home, like a game piece or part of one of Stella's toys. I absolutely drive myself crazy trying to find it. I mean, heaven forbid we have a toy that is missing a piece, because then we might as well just throw it away. Well, yesterday, a Scrabble tile went missing. I looked ALL over the place for that thing. Of course, Hubs was like, "I'm pretty sure you can just order a new one." Not the point…that tile is in this house somewhere! People, I spent hours looking for tile number 100. (I swear, it's even worse if there is just one missing.) But, alas, I found it. (It was the letter M, in case you were wondering.) And now, I can sleep.

P.S. I wish this was my bathroom. Nothin's gettin' lost in that baby.
image from House & Home
image from Digerati


  1. I am laughing by myself at that quote…that's hysterical, Jamie! What an amazing bathroom - loving all of the coordinating tiles!

  2. This is great and made me laugh! i am a little this way but not quite to that extent! So glad you found the M!! This quote is funny!

  3. I am just like this! I can't stand to lose things, I have to straighten and fix things, my house is ridiculously clean. And I love that quote that OCD is actually CDO for alphabetic order. My clothes in my closet are even organized by color and length of sleeve. It's bad!

  4. That is too funny about the Scrabble piece. I’ve definitely learned to let go of missing toy pieces. It’s just too much a part of life. Though the husband is pretty AR about handling DVDs. It drives him nuts that I let the kids play with their DVD cases. Love the quote too...I know plenty of people who are like that!

  5. Haha oh I can toally relate to it! :D


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