Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[color kreyv]: Touch of Gold

You know yesterday's post about how I may have a few, very minor, not-weird-at-all OCD tendencies? So, as I was writing it, I asked Jeremy what he thought were some of the craziest things that I do. His answer:  "You are always wiping off the countertops, and you always make the beds, even when you know Stella will take a nap later." Really? REALLY?  I was like, "Dude, that's just called being clean." Men…am I right?! Oh, and if you think this post should have something to do with gold, then here it is: I love a touch of gold in every room, don't you?
image from House & Garden
image from Stadshem
image from Caitlin Wilson Design


  1. Amen! Can you imagine if we never did those things? The house would look chaotic! You know I love gold, in small or large doses!

  2. I DIE of HAPPINESS to see the aged brass/gold toned shower fixtures. STUNNING!

  3. Haha! On the days I’m home, I feel as though I’m constantly sweeping the floor…but it never looks clean. As far as gold goes; I’ve been a bit late on adopting it. I still don’t fully see it as something to have all over the house, but little touches here and there are very pretty.

  4. I'd agree with you, bed making = daily house hold basics


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