Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bathroom Obsessions & Confessions

Before you get too excited, I really don't have any juicy confessions, but the word just sounded good with obsessions, so I went with it. Sorry if you're disappointed. Anyway, I don't post bathrooms much, because, well, to me, the umph is all about the design--the tile choice(s), the mirror, vanity, lights, flooring, fixtures, etc. Yes, there is some styling, but to me, it is all about the bones. In other words, I can't take my cookie cutter bathroom in my rental and make it awesome like these, that I obviously love.  When I look at amazing bathrooms, the inspiration I get isn't, hey I think I might add some new pillows to my sofa, it's more like, hey, I would need to gut this bathroom to get it the way I want it. Better yet, let's build a house. 

In other bathroom news, Stella let me know this morning while putting on my make-up that I will never be Samoan like her. (She is half Samoan, and very proud of it. In fact, she usually lets people know within the first two minutes of meeting them.)  Her exact words were, "Are you putting that on your face to look Samoan like me? Well, nice try. It's just making your face look pink." From the mouth of babes...
image source unknown
image from Elle Decor
 image from Decor Pad


  1. I love how you make the jump from designing a bathroom, to gutting a room and then building a whole house in the span of 5 sentences. Though I completely understand. We had to replace a portion of the ceiling in our bathroom, and every time I think of painting it I automatically think about how we would then need to paint the walls, but we should wait because we want to have the shower stall replaced with floor-to-ceiling tile. And then of course we also want to replace the vanity, so we should do it all at once. And if you were to ever visit me, you now know why the downstairs bathroom still has a green ceiling…. Great inspiration photos too!


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