Wednesday, May 14, 2014

[color kreyv]: Teal

I am loving the different ways teal is used in each of these spaces, don't you? I had the Traditional Homes image saved on one of my Pinterest boards, so I decided to see what other teal pretties I could find.  I have to say, I was quite successful.  That Pinterest sure is amazing.

Speaking of Pinterest, I have noticed a bit of mocking from the men I have been around.  We hung out with friends on Saturday, and then another group of friends on Monday, and both times, Pinterest and (I am merely quoting the offenders) the lameness of it came up. Lame? Ummm, is this seriously coming from the gender who created fantasy sports leagues? FANTASY sports. Are you kidding me? Cataloging recipes (that I at least think about making) and beautiful interiors (that will definitely come in handy when we build my our dream house) in an organized way is NOT lame. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am mostly just looking at pretty pictures (and then organizing said pictures),  BUT AT LEAST THEY'RE REAL!  No. Freaking. Comparision. I mean, really guys,  did you really think you would win an argument with something with the word fantasy in it. I'm thinking no. Pinterest: 1; Fantasy Sports: 0.
image from Traditional Home
image from Joss & Main
image source unknown


  1. Men! What do they know?!

    PS: Loving the teal tiles in the bathroom.

  2. Teal is my favorite color lately! So summer! Pinterest is awesome, men are silly~!

  3. Hands down, Pinterest is so much better than fantasy football! And when they want to remember the website they found that explains how to rewire something or how to fix the car? Pinterest makes it easy!


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