Monday, June 30, 2014

Non-White Kitchens--and I Love Them Anyway

My obsession with white kitchens is no secret, but either is this: I can be obsessed with other kitchens, even if they're not white. That's right, I'm an equal opportunity obsessor. Now, if some kind stranger came along today and offered to build me a house (for free, of course), I would choose white. But, in reality (which is such a buzz kill, sometimes), a non-white kitchen wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I care more about the style and shape of the cupboards than the actual color.  Speaking of dreams and kitchens, I was really hoping that if I spent enough time writing this post that dinner would magically appear. Once again, there goes reality being a total buzz kill.
image source unknown

image from Still Stars
image from Houzz


  1. I agree, I love non-white too as long as it's not red! LOL!

  2. They're not white, but they're still beautifully neutral and modern. But this all begs the question...what does your kitchen actually look like?

  3. I love the second kitchen...all the clean lines...and grey!


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