Wednesday, July 2, 2014

[in five]: Favorite Independence Day Treats

Can you even believe that the fourth is on Friday? Holy cow, how did that happen? I think we may make a quick trip down to Delta for the parade. Yes, we are going all that way JUST for the parade, because it is the best parade ever. Here's why: it's only 30 minutes long; I sit while Stella gathers enough salt water taffy to fill an entire grocery sack; and then I eat said taffy. Really, what's better than that?! I hope you all have a happy fourth, and check out these ADORABLE Independence Day treats. Links are all under the images.
recipe found at  The View from Great Island
recipe found at I Heart Naptime
recipe found at Martha Stewart
recipe found at Martha Stewart
recipe found at Food, Family & Finds


  1. Awesome treats! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Those treats really are adorable! Hope you have a fantastic Independence Day!


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