Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[color kreyv]: Black & Navy

Remember back in the day when navy and black was a total no-no? Well, as you know, that is SO not the case anymore. That's what I love about design and fashion. You don't have to worry about your forest green and peach getting mixed up with your country blue and dusty rose, you can mix them together, if you're ever so inclined. (Remember how cool those colors were in the 90's?!) Navy and black is a do-as-you-please combination and definitely a yes in my book. Check out these stunners.
image from Delighted Momma
image from Emily Henderson
image from CB2

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  1. I think my favorite part of all of those photos is the gallery wall in the second one....though I do love the black & white pillow on the navy sofa.


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