Friday, October 26, 2012

Thoughts on Life

I have never used this blog to make political statements. In fact, I rarely make political statements at all. I feel that it is a personal matter and that every person has the right to his or her opinion. In a perfect world, one could state an opinion without it turning into a personal attack against those with opposing views. What I am about to say; however, is personal. And though this is out of the ordinary for me, I feel very inclined to share my views on this topic.

I am pro-life. I do not condone abortion unless it is in the case of rape, incest, or if necessary to save the life of the mother. My view has nothing to do with my religion or my political views but has everything to do with who I am and the morals and values I possess. 

I am so extremely disheartened by the callous attitudes and statements of those who support the act of abortion. I am ashamed of the flippant words that come out of the mouths of some. They speak of "getting rid of" children as if it is an insignificant act. They say that others do not have the right to tell them what to do with their bodies. They are right. No one has that right. But guess what. When you are carrying another human life, it is no longer about you. And in fact, you are taking the rights away from that unborn child. Many justify their decision(s) by saying that an aborted child is "just" a fetus--that a fetus is not a child. 
This is Stella. Stella is our three year old daughter--our daughter who was once "just" a fetus. She was carried to full-term by a very special, very courageous young woman who made a very difficult choice. She chose to sacrifice for another. She chose the gift of life. She chose Stella.


  1. Beautifully said! And, what a blessing Stella must be!

  2. She is beautiful, and so are you. It is funny how if someone suggested doing the same thing to a dog or cat the world would come unglued, but "just a fetus" doesn't have the right to choose this.


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