Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Place to Dream

Whoever invented the concept of a walk-in closet deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Without our walk-ins (and Stella's tub that stores a stroller), I don't know where we would put all of our stuff. Our closets don't quite look like these--and by not quite I mean nothing in common besides the fact that they all have ceilings--but it sure is fun to dream. Actually, I'd like to lie down in one of these closets, fall asleep, and do my dreaming in there. Is that too much to ask?
image from Coastal Living
image from HGTV
image source unknown


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  2. YES!!! They totally do. When I'm rich and fabulous I want a walk-in full of Louboutins and fresh flowers in my kitchen every morning. is that too much to ask?


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