Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Round & Around We Go | Round Dining Tables

I don't know that I would ever buy a round table only because they don't seem to fit as many people as a rectangular table. Yes, I have a practical side. It's very small, but it still exists. (Plus, I have big dreams of big dinner parties--remember the whole upholstered seating situation, the one with my RH table and pizza?) BUT, practical or not, I love them. Something about them is so glamorous and chic. In fact, I think I just talked myself into a round table--maybe in the basement as a game table. Perfect. See how practical I am? 
image from Bruno Frisoni via Vogue
image from Style at Home
image from Nuevo Estilo


  1. I'm more a fan of rectangular tables too, but I have to admit that the round one sin the pics look really nice!

  2. I think there is a place for both. I have my 12 person rectangular table in my dining room but my counter height round in my kitchen for just my family. It sits six and is good and cozy. Plus, every one can reach the food in the center!

  3. I love round dining tables and think conversation is so much easier than with a rectangular table. The images you showed are beautiful and I especially love the light fixture in the second image!

  4. Pretty! Sometimes I wish we could fit a giant round table or two in our house...anything to break up all the hard edges in the place!


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