Monday, April 28, 2014

Would You Rather | Beach vs Mountains

You know when you talk to someone you haven't seen for a while, and they ask you what's new? I swear, I can never think of anything. Is my life really that boring? I mean, I guess I could tell them how awesome the Costco samples were this week. (They were really  awesome.) Or, that I finally bought these a-mazing vases from West Elm, which really are amazing, btw…and on sale. I need something better to say.

I have a solution. We need either a cabin in the mountains or a beach house. That would be exciting, right? It would definitely give us something to do on the weekends. And, I promise, I would invite you all to come whenever you wanted, because I'm nice like that and because this is all pretend. So, which would you rather have: beach house or cabin? Since the sky seems to be the limit on this here blog, I think I probably need one of each. Don't worry, you can visit both.
image from Maisons Du Monde
image source unknown
image from Pendleton Catalog
image from Atlanta Homes Mag
image from Elle Decor


  1. Cabin, where I can hear water! Of course when I say cabin I mean luxury cabin!

  2. Beach house! My kids would love to play in the sand all day long!

  3. My husband, kids, and I currently reside in "beautiful" Ohio... We are CONSTANTLY talking about whether we should move out west (mountains) or down south (beach). So, this post really strikes home!! I was really hoping you'd make my (fictitious) decision easier with this post... Darn! Both are so beautiful! Those beach photos are just so light and airy! But I'd love to have land... and that's hard to find near a beach!

  4. Beach, no doubt on that, I'm a water- lovin-kinda-gal and I will for sure retire somewhere there otherwise, besides an art museum which I also would love to indulge in on my own if I can. :-)

  5. Beach house for sure! I love the crisp clean feeling!

  6. I'm totally a mountain girl! But currently I'm living the beach life, and loving it!

  7. Perfect! Would love to be there.

  8. Something about a mountain home seems more affordable/accessible. But my heart would really be with a beach home – especially with all the bright airy décor you’ve got here. Too bad it’s never likely to happen.


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