Thursday, February 24, 2011

[so cheap, so easy]: Faux Croc Frame

You know how I have this problem of always wanting to change things? Well, that's exactly how this project started. I wanted to give this frame a make-over, a third make-over to be exact. The original plan was to paint it white, then dry brush some metallic grey over it. Plan, shplan...

Because the frame had already been painted with a three layer process, the white paint was not looking that great. It was getting too thick. Right as I was thinking, "Great, I just ruined a perfectly good frame," I got an idea.

While the white paint was still wet, I used a plastic fork to make vertical and horizontal lines through the paint. Once that dried, I dry brushed the metallic gray over the top. (I mixed the gray paint with water.) My final step was sanding it up a bit, just to give it some character. I am really happy with the finished product (for now).


  1. I love it! Where was this crafting inspiration when we lived close?!

  2. It must have been hiding under my desk at work! Now that I'm home, the right side of my brain gets paid more attention to!


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