Monday, March 28, 2011

Are You a Collector?

I've never been a collector. The reason? I throw everything away. Even when I was little, I would get rid of the things I didn't want in my room. When I came across something I didn't want, but wasn't quite ready to throw away, I'd give it to my little brother. He had a lot of "little treasures" in his room. In fact, last time I was in Utah, he and his wife went through some of his things that were still at my mom's house. We had a good laugh at some of the things he's hung on to. I wonder if I had anything to do with his need to keep things.

I want to start a collection. I love to entertain and would love a great collection of white serving ware. It's on my list of things to do as soon as I have enough room. (The list is rather lengthy.) I also love really old bottles. One method of making a collection look clean and streamlined rather than cluttered is color. I love the look of these collections. What do you collect?

image from 6th Street Design School


image from James Cleary Architecture


image from French Larkspur


  1. Something with a clean look like the white serving pieces is both functional and beautiful to display.

  2. Very pretty glass bottle collection (the other two pics didn't come up)! My main problem is having room to display one. At least I think that is the problem. Maybe I should look into this more.

  3. Does collecting the beginning of failed collections count as collecting something? It's something I would love to do but I'm not passionate enough about anything so far to collect them!


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