Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[color kreyv]: Purple

I don't know why the [color kreyv] series always takes me down memory lane, but it does, so just go with it. When I was in the eighth grade, I had a solo in the chorus production. I sang, "My Boyfriend's Back." (There was also a "Purple People Eater" number, which is how I got to this story. Purple People eater, purple rooms. I'm all over the place, I know.) Later that same year, I had the starring role in the eighth grade play. Eighth grade marked the end of my singing and acting career.

I never had an awesome voice, but I still sang. In fact, I also took piano, gymnastics, dance, voice, volleyball, softball, basketball, swimming, and I don't know what else...a lot of different things. But, I never stuck with one thing, so I was just okay at a lot of different things. I wish I would have stuck to one thing or anything for that matter. I think I will force and bribe my kids to stay in their lessons.

Maybe on some level, I knew I needed to give the less talented people a chance to shine. I hope that Celine Dion and Jennifer Aniston appreciate my sacrifice.
image from Marie Claire Maison

image from House to Home

image from Abode Love


  1. i have been helping my mom, via skype, redecorate her piano room. we picked purple for the color. it was called "dusty rose." it looks similar to the second picture you posted. we picked out two chairs very similar to those. the drapes just came in and the rug is on it's way. i can't wait for the rug. it is a beautiful grey graphic design type rug from alice lane. oh my gosh!!! i have been in love with the room and the way it is turning out. purple is such a soothing color to me. love it!

  2. That sounds awesome. You'll have to post pictures when it's done!

  3. You sound like a Jill of all trades, master of none :) I am too. These photos are so gorgeous!

    Your header on this blog is amazing as well. thanks for coming by my site on Monday for my SITS day!

  4. my sister and I were JUST talking about purple in interior design! she thinks her next move in the bedroom will be purple walls! risky, but bold! love the inspiration pics- i'll have to show her!

  5. Interesting that there's a splash of red in each of the pictures. I would never have paired the two colors together!


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