Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[color kreyv]: Yellow

Does it not seem that every little girl's favorite color is either pink or purple? Mine was yellow. I vividly remember my love for yellow in first grade. During computer time one day, we got to make a banner. (Yes, our computers had green screens, and the paper was hooked together. You know the kind with the perforated sides that had to be torn off? Some of you remember. You know who you are.) Most of the kids made banners with their names or some type of greeting. I made a banner with a sun on each side that read, "Yellow is nice." What? It is.

Yellow is one of those colors that I always see and love (especially when paired with gray), but it scares me to do in my own house. I think it's tricky to get the right shade. But, when I do find the right shade, I think I'll use it. By the way, I still stand by the fact that yellow is, indeed, "nice."

image from Velvet and Linen

image from Frederic Vasseur

image from Country Living


  1. I love yellow, too! That top picture is close to my new MBR look--glad I am not completely out there in the style department!

  2. Jamie, you crack me up! Yellow IS nice! If I had one of those yellow rooms I think I would be smiling all the time! How could you not? Is it weird that some of your posts are actually helping inspire some of my wardrobe choices? After seeing that first picture I was like "oooo yellow and gray, what do I have to wear that is yellow and gray?" If I don't have anything now, you can bet I will find something! Loving this blog, can you tell?

  3. I typically don't like yellow, but I LOVE it with grey. Funny, huh?!

  4. So I already knew I had decorating ADD, but your blog is now making me have decorating multiple personalities! I not only want to change every room in my house now, but I wish I had more rooms (and more $!) to get all this style in! :)

  5. Hi Jamie, I came here to say thanks for stopping by my SITS Day blog, and now I'm remembering that I, too, liked yellow as a kid (my bedroom walls, comforter...). I had completely forgotten that fact! Those photos are beautiful. Oh, and I should mention as well, that when I was in the first grade, we did math on an abacus that included a yellow-colored round wooden piece. Computers? Oh no, not yet!

  6. My favorite color is yellow! In fact, the first car i mentioned on the other post was a YELLOW 68 mustang! Ha! and I am obsessed with yellow/grey (my blog AND bedroom colors!) and love love love it!
    you can see a little bit of my room here!


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