Monday, March 14, 2011

Coolest House on the Block

I've always wanted a house (I could just stop there) that my kids and their friends love to hang out at. You know, the fun house in the neighborhood? The fun house in my neighborhood belonged to our friend Gayle.

Gayle had THE coolest house, coolest toys, and the food was to die for. (Her mom was always baking homemade bread--at least in my memory). Everything was the best at Gayle's house, and besides having the best stuff, her family was just wonderful. My sister and I still talk about her awesome pop dolls, playing in her mother's furs, and being brides walking down the winding staircase.

I don't think the whole baking homemade bread and fur coats is going to happen at my house. So, does that mean I have to get a slide?
all images from Odeedoh


  1. Gayle's house was lots of fun! But that slide could be even more fun!!!!!

  2. Oh my those are the coolest stairs EVER! My kids just go down ours on cardboard boxes!


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