Thursday, March 3, 2011

[so cheap, so easy]: Spice Rack Bookshelves

In a previous life, I was a second grade teacher. That may be why I am a huge proponent of children having home libraries--home libraries where the books are facing forward (super important). I've seen tons of great solutions and more and more stores now carry these.

My wonderful, sweet, beautiful, and talented friend Leslie actually made such a bookshelf for Stella. Something WAY beyond my skills. (Leslie's one of those perfect, can do anything people.) We love it, and I could go on and on about how cute Stella is when she picks out books and puts them away, but I'll spare you (for now).

This post is about a solution that is so cheap, so easy, and so awesome. Three words: Ikea spice racks. Three ninety-nine, right here. Need I say more?
image from Odeedoh


  1. Did you really post this at 4am?! I LOVE this. It beautiful, function, simple, and cheap.

    The only down side is that my kids would think I had just installed a ladder to aid their wall-climbing...maybe if I anchor in studs it could work as both bookshelf and ladder...;)

  2. I love this!! I agree, Leslie is quite the perfect little mom. And her children are absolutely beautiful no less. Thanks for all your ideas!

  3. Oh wow, brilliant!

  4. the most amazing and simple idea! I love it and I am thinking I really need to do this in my sons room/ thank you for sharing :)


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