Monday, March 7, 2011

Sticks & Stones AND a Winner!

One time I went into my mom's backyard and pulled some reddish sticks off of a bush and put them in a glass vase. I also took enough for myself, and let me tell you, I moved those babies with me across the country (at least to Wisconsin). That's how much I loved those sticks! That is also the day that I started making my family refer to me as being resourceful. Sometimes they still call me that, when they're trying to get on my good side, and it works. Every time.

I just love the look of sticks. It's a great way to bring nature into your home (minus the dirt, ticks, and other nasties), and it's an affordable way to make a big statement. My statement is enjoy the nature inside of my house, because this is as close as you will ever get me to camping.
image from Eldrids

image from Elle Decor

image from Nesting Place

image from Alice Lane

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for (not really, but play along anyway): The winner of the West Elm gift card is...
Heather said...

I also recommended your blog on my facebook page


  1. i love adding sticks and such to my place too. i just have been adding a vase and some twigs with tiny blossoms to our place. it takes me forever to decide on a vase though. i think it's because we're poor and the vase has to be versatile. boo to being poor.

  2. Yes, agree. Pussy Willows are my true love.


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