Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shopping Antiques

First and foremost: people, did you not see the awesome giveaway on the previous post? You better get to it! Remember, leave a comment for each entry telling me which item you completed.

So, speaking of antiques, I kind of felt like one the other day. (Technically, an antique has to be at least 100 years old, but just go with it.) I found a radio station called something like gen x radio. I pretty much knew every word to every song. They play everything from Sublime to Wallflowers, to Destiny's Child to Boyz II Men (A, B, C, bee, bee dee). Sorry. I couldn't resist. Anyway, I was thinking, "Geez. I'm only 30, (I was only 30 when this happened. Can't say that anymore.) and this is an oldies station." I mean, I guess I've been out of high school for thirteen years and college for ten. How in the heck did that happen? Yeah, I don't know either. Regardless, the music is pretty rad, and I'm going to start calling it the vintage station, because vintage is totally in.

Here are Nate Berkus' tips for shopping antiques:

(1) Create a Focal Point on a Wall
image from Canadian House & Home
(2) Create an Instant Collection with Inexpensive Finds
image from HGTV
(3) Create Homemade Art with Vintage Frames and Fabric
image from Timeless N Chic (etsy.com)
(4) Secondhand Wicker is Inexpensive and Adds Warmth
image from Cal Finder


  1. Well, 100 years for an antique but apparently cars only have to be 20 years old for a classic. So at the very least some of these are classics :)

  2. Amazing write up! thank you so much for this information!


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