Thursday, April 21, 2011

[so cheap, so easy]: Picture Extenders

Ok, dumb name, I know. Not my most clever moment in time, but what can I say? That's what they are, they extend your pictures. Anyway...we all know that one of my peeves is putting up pictures that are too small for a large wall. Well, here's your solution. Excited? You better be.

I bought these botanical prints in college. Yes, people, they're nineties vintage. They're from a little shop called Fred Meyer (which is really a department store that is now out of business, but just play along). There. Now instead of making them sound outdated, they just sound uber cool. They are actually a set of four, but I just used two of them in Stella's room.

To make them bigger, and to add a little more umph, I added a piece of painted plywood to the back. Decide how big you want your extenders (sorry, that's their official name, now), have your favorite home improvement store cut the wood for you, and paint them. Of course, I added stain over the paint to give it more dimension. To hang the pictures, I (and by I, I mean the Mr.) just drilled the wood to the wall leaving enough of the screw to hang the picture, so you are only using one screw. There you have it. Cheap, check. Easy, check.


  1. Fred Meyer? Out of business? No way! Still around and very much in business all over the Northwest.
    Love to shop at Fred Meyer!

  2. Photo extender. Sounds like magic! But, it is not. So easy. :) Here from SITS!

  3. Hi! I found you at SITS.
    Seems like a pretty cool project, enjoy your humor in the post too:)

  4. So that's essentially a framed print on a piece of plywood? I'm asking because it sure doesn't LOOK like that in your pictures!

  5. Yes, just a framed print on plywood. :)


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