Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Call of the Wild

This may shock a few of you--not the fact that I am really digging using antlers as decor, but that antlers hit a little close to home. My dad is an avid hunter. Avid. In fact, I would dare say that hunting is to dad as interior design is to Jamie. Sorry I had to pull out the analogy, just needed to make a point.

Anyway, as a kid, I would go hunting with my dad a lot. We would go on horseback (technically mules, but I don't think muleback is a word). I never had any luck deer hunting, instead I just got beat up by riding through crazy terrain while I froze my behind off. (Unfortunately, my behind came back.) Now, here comes the shocker. Wait for it, wait for it...

When I was fourteen, I shot a cougar. Can you even believe that? Me neither, but I did. It was a good bonding moment for my pops and me. I will always remember that experience, and he will too, because it's mounted (full body) in his basement where it will stay forever.

image from Decor Pad

image from Scandinavian Retreat and Femina DK

image from House Beautiful

image from Z Gallerie


  1. My husband and daughter and son all hunt!! Especially turkey and bird. My daughter {almost 14} just shot her first turkey which will soon be decorating our home-LOL!!!

  2. Ewww I just realized you had this other blog! I love it! and just got so inspired to decorate better! I have 3 sets of antlers at our house right now, and I must say that they are my favorite pieces!

    thanks for your sweet cooment and im sorry for anything you have had to go through. I just left the ultra sound place and I could tell on the womans face that it wasnt good :(

  3. Growing up in a family with a Dad and brother who hunted, I can appreciate these designs ... way cooler than just a deer head hanging off the wall ;) And I do really like the design of the chandelier and the candlesticks.

    I can't imagine shooting a cougar ... WOW! And I definitely would be freaked out by walking around a full body mount of it.

    Stopping by from SITS - have a great weekend!


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