Monday, June 27, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators

image via Bravo

So let's talk about Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators. Who's watching? I'm addicted. Darn you, Bravo, for making me add yet another program to my DVR! Although a lot of the designs are a little over the top for me, I still love seeing the way these designers work. And, I actually think they are all pretty funny. Here's my review:

Martyn Lawrence Bullard: When I saw him decorate Sharon Osbourne's home with a $30,000 rug, I thought he was way over the top. I mean, even if you could afford it...$30k for a rug? Come on! It really wasn't even that awesome. The next week, he met with a hypnotist about a chocolate addiction after he ate an entire box in one sitting. Now, I'm totally on board! I can relate to this guy!

Mary McDonald: I think she's beautiful, witty, and sassy. I like this girl! From what I've seen, I really like her design esthetic.

Kathryn Ireland: She seems like she's all over the place--a little quirky, but I like her. I'm not sure about her style, yet. I haven't seen enough.

Jeffrey Alan Marks: JAM and his partner Ross get the job done! Ross keeps JAM on task while they their two assistants (Dimetra 1 and Dimetra 2) work on different projects.

Nathan Turner: I haven't gotten a good sense of Nathan Turner, yet, but from what I've seen I'd say he'd make a great shopping partner! The dynamic between him and Mary McDonald crack me up. Kind of reminds me of Karen and Jack on Will and Grace. (The character Karen is supposedly loosely based on Mary McDonald.)

Who's your fave?

image from Mary McDonald via Bravo

image from Kathryn Ireland via Bravo

image from Jeffrey Allen Marks via Bravo


  1. I like Jeffery Allen Marks' the best. I really like simple. Mary McDonald's is nice and I love it, except it looks a little cluttered to me. I think it would be better if she got rid of just a few knick-knacks. And Kathryn Ireland's is cute, just not at all my style.

  2. Really beautiful and i like this decoration because it's so unique and beautiful.


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