Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seeing Double

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These are three of my very favorite shared kids' rooms. I love the Elle Decor beds (and that adorable rocking sheep). I love the map wallpaper and crispness of the Pottery Barn room. And, I love the ridiculously adorable tufted headboards paired with the polka dots in the Amanda Nisbet picture. To. Die. For.

I love the look of two beds in one room. I'm pretty much convinced that at least one of my kids will have to have two beds in his/her bedroom, even if he/she doesn't share the room. I would prefer to have the exact ones from the Elle Decor picture. I'm sure they are easy to find and are very cheap(wink, wink).
image from Elle Decor

image from Pottery Barn

image from Amanda Nisbet

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